now more than ever

Peacecamp is a 10 day multicultural encounter of adolescents of different nationalities, religions and cultures.

The president of Austria is patron of peacecamp 2023

mission statement

It´s safe to say we are not standing on safe ground. We are in way over our heads.

And that is precisely why we must keep swimming, must stay committed to unlearning prejudice and learning to practice solidarity. History is never just a single story, but a multitude of narratives, the same way our identities are made of more than just a single narrative. We must practice to listen to the voices sharing their stories around us, must learn how to hold place for those who are overheard in order to tell all of our stories together. Only if we keep weaving together the many threads of our narratives, can we tell a different story. One, that is not about heroes and villains but about the beauty of multitude and the art of healing together.

peacecamp – now more than ever.

the peacecamp workshop

Peacecamp is built around pedagogical-therapeutic workshops, in which the young participants are challenged to deal with their own as well as ‘foreign’ histories, religions and cultures before subsequently getting to know and discussing political reality(ies) and narratives and looking for a way to contribute to creating a more peaceful world for everyone.


  • researching one's individual roots and identifications within one´s society
  • an examination of one's own local contemporary history as well as current social and political issues
  • answering of the questionnaire "4 questions about peace"


  • an intensive ten days workshop programme at the end of which participants are appointed “ambassadors of peace” in order to continue working towards a more peaceful together


  • answering the "4 questions about peace" again to evaluate the impact of the encounter
  • becoming part of the peacecamp-network which functions as a support system for developing and realizing their own follow-up projects as ambassadors of peace
  • attending the follow-up “online ambassadors of peace conference” about 5-6 months after the encounter


Peacecamp was founded by Viennese psychotherapist and psychoanalyst Evelyn Böhmer-Laufer.

There have been 17 peacecamps so far, running annually from 2004 until 2019. Since the 6th peacecamp in 2008, they have been documented by Gerald Muthsam in the form of a short film that is shown at the end of each event and at the Jewish Film Festival.

In 2022, the project was taken over by Lia, Lukas & AnnPhie as part of the 4peace organisation.

peacecamp 2016
peacecamp 2017
peacecamp 2018
peacecamp 2019


2 days ago

Look at those beautiful newly nominated ambassadors of peace 😌.Wonder what they ve been up to since summer… ❓.Good thing we can ask them- because our big online reunion is coming up! The conference of the ambassadors of peace ☮️ will take place on November 18th!.Please send in your contributions (videos, voice recordings, texts, PowerPoint presentations, pictures….anything you like as long as it‘s under 5 minutes) by November 3rd 🤩.Can t wait to see those beautiful faces on screen again!.#peace #AmbassadorsOfPeace #PeaceCamp #onlinereunion @erasmus_plus_projects #jugendarbeit #youthmobility #jugendbegegnung #youthwork #politicalactivism .@areen.z07 @stateofaseel @bareenawwad @galfibenedek @hallgas.benedek @ehab_waked @hannadittrich @hillelad_ @ido_eini68 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

About a month ago Lia represented #peacecamp at the #pleasepeace street festival. While being there she got interviewed for the Viennese community tv channels @oktotv and its show #derwalWatch the interview starting at minute 9:49 ☺️ (It is in German though) #4peace #pleasepeace #okto #oktotv #derwal #promitingpeace #oeadproject ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Heute stehen wir beim please Peace Straßenfest am Sobieskiplatz. Today at the please peace street festival in Vienna. #PeaceCamp #4peace #pleasepeace #vernetzungfürfrieden #oead ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Kommende Woche sind wir beim Please Peace Straßenfest am Sobieskiplatz im Alsergrund. Kommt uns doch besuchen 🕊️Samstag, 26.8., 14-18 Uhr———————-Next week Saturday we will be at please peace street festival in Vienna. If you happen to be in town, come and visit us there 🕊️#PeaceCamp #4peace #pleasepeace #Youth4Peace #sobieskiplatz #1090 #wien #NowMoreThanEver #streetfestival #afterpeacecampisbeforepeacecamp #oead #ErasmusPlus @lia.boh @annphieoh ... See MoreSee Less
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