Welcome to peacecamp!

We’re glad you’re joining us. Below is some information regarding sign-up, organization and some ground rules to ensure everybody has a good time.

10 Rules for Peace

  • DO

    always communicate in English, which is the language common to all on peacecamp. It does not matter if you make mistakes. You can always ask a friend or an adult to help you translate or express yourself in English.

  • DO

    always address people directly: talk TO – not ABOUT somebody.

  • DO

    respect the structure and time-table of the peacecamp: DO arrive on time and attend ALL meals and workshops. All meals have to be taken in the youth hostel.

  • DO

    share and express your opinions and feelings openly, frankly. DO stand up for your convictions. DO tell us if something bothers you, but do it respectfully.

  • DO

    respect rest- and sleeping-hours of the people in and around the youth hostel. Curfew is at 10 pm. If you stay up in your room and play music after this hour, please close the windows, so that the neighbours can sleep undisturbed.You will need all the sleep you can get. If you stay up longer than your room-mates, DO respect their need to sleep. DO sleep in the rooms assigned to you.

  • DO

    treat the space and environment with respect and care. DO observe waste separation. We have separate bins for plastic, paper, metal, organic and “general” waste as well as for bottles. Our Austrian friends will show you how to do this.

  • DO NOT

    hurt, offend or attack others – neither verbally nor in action. Fight for your views and convictions, but do this respectfully and try to listen to the other person’s point of view.

  • DO NOT

    damage or waste things: Handle equipment with respect and care. DO leave rooms and equipment as you would like to find them. Try to keep the in- and outdoor space clean and beautiful.

  • DO

    keep the peacecamp area free of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs of any kind.

  • DO

    give your best in order to take home as much as you can. Know that your best is always is enough and you DO NOT need to compare yourself to others. DO respect your own boundaries as well as those of others.


peacecamp is an inclusive project. We want to empower every participant and team member to take the most out of the peacecamp experience, regardless of their economic background, physical or cognitive abilities, looks, body-shape, ethnicity, gender-identity, romantic orientation, religious beliefs or cultural background. 

peacecamp is a safe-space. We are here to learn with and from each other and empower each other. 

peacecamp is for everybody. All people present at peacecamp have the same right to participate in it. 

peacecamp is about its participants. Adults have more practice in making themselves heard and putting their thoughts into words. However, the allotted time for speaking for teenagers has priority over that of the adults. We are committed to holding space for those who might not be the fastest to speak up, in order to make sure everyone is heard.

peacecamp is hard work. Work can be frustrating sometimes. It is ok to take breaks. The important part is that we don´t give up on each other.


Please fill out the appropriate registration sheet for your role and submit it to peacecampisback@gmail.com.

What To Bring

Please make sure you bring anything you need for the stay in addition to all the things required for the event. We made a handy checklist you can go through to make sure you don't forget anything.


July 3rd Arrival at VIE Vienna International Airport
Shuttle bus to Lackenhof / Ötscher
July 3rd - July 11th Workshops in Lackenhof / Ötscher
July 12th Shuttle bus to Vienna
Last day spent in supervised groups in Vienna
July 13th Shuttle bus to VIE


The participants and team will be housed at the youth hostel “Junges Hotel Lackenhof” throughout the camp.

Meals will be taken together (3 meals, meat/vegetarian/vegan options)

Activities take place from 8:30am to 8:30 pm, curfew is at 10pm

Participants will be sharing dorms in groups of four, gender-separated, with at least one participant from each delegation in every room.


There will be four participating delegations: Austrian, Hungarian, Israeli and Palestinian. Each delegation consists of eight pupils (all genders) age 15-18. 

Each delegation will be accompanied by a teacher/ supervisor. The delegation leader is responsible for communicating with the peacecamp organisers, the school and the parents.

They are responsible for choosing their delegation, as well as doing preparation and follow-up work with their pupils. 

Participants are expected to take part in preparations, all activities and follow-up work. The assignments will be provided as well as a list with packing recommendations.


Fees cover travelling, housing, food and workshops.

Fees do not cover health insurance or costs for vaccinations.

The fee is 550€/pupil.

!!! Discounts and full scholarships are available for participants from low-income households.!!!

 Please get in touch with us – peacecampisback@gmail.com


In order to guarantee the safety of all participants and be able to hold workshops, peacecamp requires that all participants and team be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

peacecamp is subject to the Austrian immigration laws. Note that an additional booster shot might be necessary, if the entry-requirements of the Austrian federal government exceed the mandatory amount of shots for full immunisation in your state or if the vaccine is not recognized by the European Union.

Travel Insurance & Vaccination

All participants must have travel insurance to cover in case of accident, illness, liability, return-home in case of illness or death, loss of travel documents and cancellation. 

The Austrian ministry of health recommends TBE vaccination.

Documentation & Privacy Policy

Please read the privacy policy sheet attached (Download?) and sign the declaration of consent.

During the activities, pictures and film material will be made for the purpose of documenting peacecamp. The documentary will be available to the public.
Participants will be asked for their consent before posting pictures on peacecamp´s social media platforms and homepage. 

Should the participant wish to have no pictures posted of them, they can indicate that to us.